Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Comes in Like a Lion

Dear Mildred,

     Storms raged last night, damaging the roof to my bantam pen and ushering in temperate weather behind it.  The next 10 days look very British, but the green we are experiencing in nature is unlike any other.  The green that only temperate weather can offer, such as on the hills and moors of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England greets me this morning.

     Busy-ness is also my May.  Upon purchasing a painting at a tag sale, Mr. Scott loved it so much he declared we redecorate the bedroom using the painting as the central muse.  Of course, him being the hard working man that he is to provide for us, the redecorating falls into my hands.  I gleefully take hold.  We have chosen the palest of pink for the walls, a color that is reluctant to cover up the ghastly blue it was before despite using primer and a primer-based paint.  Oddly enough it covered the green and red (it was a farm-themed nursery before it became our room) just fine, but that blue is determined to haunt us as it ghosts through the pale pink.

     It matters little, though, I think, because I just love that I am redecorating the bedroom!!  It is so fresh and airy and has prompted another round of purging.  

     Speaking of purging, what does your wardrobe look like?  We really have very little space to store our clothing here, and yet we have quite a lot of clothing.  I have whittled the children's down quite a bit, Mr Scott's is his responsibility, but I am having quite the challenge deciding what stays and what goes in my wardrobe. 

     I have this fancy notion that I should like to make my own clothing, but I never do break out the sewing machine to do so.  Perhaps if I whittled out the faded, dowdy,and ill-fitting, I may be forced to do so, especially since I find so little in the stores that I like or that fits well.  I am constantly tugging at waistline, hemlines, necklines, cuffs, and underarms trying to get modern off-the-rack clothing to fit and lay nicely.  And the fabrics!  Ugh!  They are horrid feeling plastic monsters that fall apart in the washing.

     Perhaps I have convinced myself.  But, oh, when to fit in sewing when I have so much housework and gardening to catch up with!