Friday, April 7, 2017

Estate Sales

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,

     Today finds me in better spirits thanks to my youngest being cheerfully willing to accompany me to two estate sales and a book sale.  In true irony to my previous letter of complaint about a houseful of piles and stuff, I blew my entire week's pay ($60) on estate sale finds.

     I love estate sales.  Pawing through a deceased person's belongings and gleefully making a pile of findings while low-balling the grieving family seems morbidly atrocious, but, alas, I enjoy it and it lifts my attitude.  Two years ago I walked out of one with a free bottle of Chanel #5 among my treasures!  How could I be unhappy about that!?

     Today, my purchases included:

A television.  I have been wanting one for the playroom downstairs.  Sometimes, while doing my housework in the main part of the house I don't want to hear another episode of Wild Kratts or Duck Dynasty.  Now, I can send my kiddos downstairs while I enjoy peace upstairs.

A Big Boss frozen treat maker.  It is my hope that the lure of ice cream-like frozen concoctions of fruit will lure my daughter to eat more healthfully.

A necklace.

Fence posts.  Because I always need to repair fences around here.

Garden tools.  Because my kiddos are always breaking mine or losing them every year.

A lamp that clips onto something.  My son needed one for under his loft bed.

A vintage outfit in pink and gray houndstooth.

Vintage roller skates complete with carrying bag, roller skating manual, and two pairs of knee pads.  For my daughter.

A Mark Eden Bust Enhancer.  Because it is vintage cheeky fun.  I just had to.

A vintage hardcover copy of Don Quixote.

A 1949 Boy Scout manual.  For my oldest boy who likes those kinds of books.

A stack of vintage 1960's women's magazines.

A paper bag stuffed full of stuff from a $5 fill-a-bag basement.  It included 4 stuffed
animals, a vintage magazine, turpentine, linseed oil, bug spray, spray paint, old files (for hubby to repurpose), a trowel, a square, a yard stick, sandpaper, and I am sure I am forgetting something.  

     It was such a fun haul!  There are more tomorrow, but I am out of my fun money.

     Do you go to estate sales?


Mrs. D. Scott

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