Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Homemaking Myth

Dear Mildred,

     It is amazing how letting a lie take root in your heart, even just a small portion of a lie, can have a profound affect on you. I realized recently that a source of anxiety, unhappiness, and frustration in me was rooted in believing the lie that housewifery is worthless compared to having a paid career.

     Now, I would have been the first to defend being a housewife in a debate.  I would be the first to encourage a fellow housewife who is feel like a drudge.  I like to proudly announce that I am a homemaker when asked what my occupation is.  But, deep down I realized I still harbored the myth that being a housewife is somehow lacking.

     That belief affected my joy and abilities in performing my duties.  There was the constant, nagging, biting demon at the back of my neck saying, "it's not enough, it's not enough."  I felt like I had to do more and more and more and attain this unreachable standard and then finally, finally, I would feel like I have contributed and proven my worth.  That, anxiety, though was a homewrecker.  I felt brain-fogged and muddled by it.  I couldn't focus enough to even do whatever "enough" was.  I had no joy in it anymore and found fault in too much.

     I think what snapped me out of it was hearing my husband defend homemaking and appreciating what I do coupled with just being fed up with my own self-manufactured rat race.  Also, my state recently instituted free college for residences and I considered enrolling.  The problem is I have no idea what career path I would even consider!  I realized I have always had a heart for homemaking and that is where I am happiest, healthiest, and most productive.  

     I have plenty to take care of here and keep me busy from before sunrise to well after sunset.  And now that I do not believe the lie anymore and evicted it from my heart, I can see the joy and the importance and the value in what I do.  I am more focused and getting so much more done than I ever did under that yoke of anxiety.  "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light," thus saith the Lord.  


Mrs. D. Scott

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