Monday, February 13, 2017

Changing Light

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,

     Yesterday's snow storm has turned into today's clear, sunny day.  This time of year, when February clouds give up the sky to the glory of the sun reflecting bright off the freshly fallen snow, I notice a change.  No longer is the sun so low in the sky.  No longer does she abed before the supper bell. No longer do her rays shy away from my living room picture window and peek out only from behind the trees.  It almost feels like a New Year the way the sun shines now.

     This new light brings a new realization. It reveals the toll the winter hibernation has taken on my little cottage.  It illuminates cob webs that sneaked into corners unnoticed in the December and January darkness.  It reveals dust on the edges of high shelves.  It lays bare the drips and grease of cooking!

     Oh!  It sounds as if I don't clean at all!  I assure you I clean practically non-stop, but as I said, so much does get hidden in winter darkness.

     I have already tackled some of the tasks.  It feels delightful having the sun shine on crisp and clean!  As the temperature rises above freezing during the daytime hours, I will be able to throw open windows and shake and beat the dust out of the linens and upholsteries.  

     I prefer cleaning in late winter and early spring because once the snow melts off I am out of doors in the gardens and coops. So much needs attention outside in the spring that I cannot be bothered with interior work.

     When do you do your spring cleaning, Mildred, dear?  How did you fare in yesterday's snowfall?


Mrs. D. Scott

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