Saturday, February 18, 2017

In Sickness and in Health

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,

     It has been a little while since we wrote to each other.  I do hope you are well. This winter has been unkind to many a body.  

     My ability to write you has been hindered by illnesses.  The children and Mister Scott have been affected back-to-back with ailments both acute and chronic.  Two are now on antibiotics.  Holistics worked well with two of the four, but the others just could not shake it.  As such, I have been caregiver and making sure I do not succumb to the various germs going around. Rest is of utmost importance, as well as good nutrition.

     Thanks be to God for providing the funds for me to spend so much of grocery budget (and beyond) on supplements, medications, and nourishing foods.  I am spending more time in the kitchen making broths and soups and simple meals to build a body and soul up.  Yesterday was my first minestrone soup and it came out so well!  Today, was my usual chicken soup with added baby dumplings.  I have vegetable broth at the ready for yet another soup.

     I read somewhere once that the famed Tasha Tudor owed her longevity partly do a steady diet of teas and soups.  I don't doubt it!  Along with living her life as she pleased, and thus happily with little stress; active and engaging her mind, as well as good genetics, she had an enviable autumn and winter of her days.

     In keeping with the theme of improving health, and in light of the spring-like weather we are having today, I will be taking a winter's walk in the woods soon, followed by an evening of Sabbath rest.  May your Sabbath be restful, too.


Mrs. D. Scott

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