Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Idolatry of Leisure and Self-Importance

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,  

     I have a confession, dear friend.  I realized recently that I resented work and effort.  As I loaded wood into our stove and shoveled snow so I could get to our winter food stores, I realized how weak I had become physically and how anger was building up within me.  Just the day before, I lost my temper over the messy state of the house, knowing full-well that much of the problem lay within my own capabilities and my lack of enacting them.  

     Oh, I longed for rest and leisure.  There was a time I sorely needed it because I did work so hard.  Then, I got used to it.  Mister Scott was able to be home more from his job, and his health improved greatly and he took on more of the workload.  I enjoyed the pampering of lounging while someone else put in the effort.  After all, I deserved a break!  Young Mister Scott has a God-given work ethic that I am so appreciative of, and is now of the age where his efforts actually make a dent in the daily tasks.  I started relying on him.  I noticed instead of leading my children to tidiness, I barked orders from a reclined state doing mindless nothings.

     Everything I resented was in my power to change!

     The Good Lord convicted me!  The Bible says that He gives us rest.  He leads us beside the still waters.  He restores our soul.  Not mindless entertainments.  Not idle hands and idle minds.   Yes, He gives us rest, and we do have times of leisure and entertainment afforded to us, but not every day!  We are here to work.  Our retirement as Christians truly comes after we are freed from the earthly bodies.  Until then we are called to work for Christ, and as part of the consequence of sin, we are made to work to live here on earth so long as we are physically and mentally capable of doing so.

     We are to do all things to the Glory of God!  I never really grasped that before today.  I feel energized and elated knowing that I am NOT entitled to daily leisure and entertainments.  I may need it.  I may need a break, a time-out, a bit of rest, but I am not lazily entitled to it.  I am here to work, not resent work.


Mrs. D. Scott

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