Thursday, February 9, 2017

On Truth and Authority

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,

    My mother and I are very similar.  We look the same and we tend to think similarly. We both muse how as children we could easily sit quietly and obediently at school or church and would be rather annoyed at the other children misbehaving and being rambunctious.  

     My own children are, well, children!  They have normal levels of concern for authority and empathy, while my mother's and mine are amplified.  It does get under my skin, and I frequently mourn over it with my mother as we shake our heads in an inability to understand it.   

     My notice of my own way of thinking and concern for my children in this matter was increased this morning.  Today, the children have a snow day from school.  During breakfast I pulled down a Bible and flipped to Proverbs.  As I scanned through the familiar verses, I would pause and read some out loud.  I noticed that my voice had the same tone of reverent authority as my mother's.  That tone of unquestioning Truth being spoken...and you'd better believe it! I believe it, because like my mother I just do. I don't tend to question authority much, and certainly not the Bible.  It's in there, so it must be true!  But, do my children feel the same?

     I am not against one questioning the authority of the Bible.  My oldest already questions Creationism.  It's good that he does as it helps him study God's Word, dig deep in his faith, and build a foundation of faith and truth.  I am simple.  I am content in just believing without ample evidences (though I do find it very interesting, but am more apt to absorb it from outside sources rather than delve into its study, myself). 

     Don't get me wrong.  I am no lemming.  I know that there are corrupt or mistaken people out there who twist authority and truth.  In this day and age I find I trust the authority of news media, and even that of friends "in the know" because so much seems sensationalized and turned on its head.  It is hard to discern truth from lie, manipulation from fact.

     Perhaps that is why I find myself clinging so to the faithful authority of the Bible.  I know in my heart of hearts that it is Truth and God is the author of that Truth. It is truth I can trust and hold on to and I wish to understand more of it.

     I hope you, too, believe in God's Truth. How do you feel about it?


Mrs. D. Scott

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