Sunday, March 26, 2017

And So it Lingers

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,

     My sincere apologies for not writing to you in such a long time.  My illness will not abate.  What started as strep throat turned into a cold, then bronchitis, and now a sinus infection.  I have religiously taken my vitamins and supplements since October and yet my immune system cannot keep up.  It needs sunshine and dirt. 

     The calendar says spring arrived March 20th, but indeed it has not here. Winter lingers with arctic temperatures combined with March winds-winds that ought to be bringing in the warmer weather that melts snow and coaxes the crocuses out of hiding. There is no such spring right now.  Just cold, gray, windy, icy winter.

     There is good news, though.  Our chicks have hatched!  20 adorable little balls of fluff and peeping have broken out of their shells and into our lives here.  The children are particularly fond of them and have already named several.  We have Fuzzbert and Sleepy, that I recall, and I named one Penguin, though now we have two or three with the same markings making it impossible to tell which one is actually Penguin.

     All of the eggs came from our own hens this year.  Next year I plan on ordering out to bring in new breeds.  Black Copper Marans are on my list.  I love how dark and chocolate-like their eggs are.

     Have you been planning your garden?


Mrs. D. Scott


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