Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My 7 Lenten Tasks

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,

     A blessed Lent to you, dear friend. How are you observing this Lenten Season?  Is it of great importance to your denomination?

     I love New Years and I love Lent.  Both are great opportunities to shake off the cobwebs and chains of bad habits and adjust my focus back on the Lord and true priorities in life.  This year I have chosen several ways to observe Lent.  I did not choose them lightly or flippantly.  There is a reason behind every one:

1.  I have logged off of Facebook.  I sorrowfully admit to an addiction to that line of social media and would be embarrassed to know how much time I have actually wasted on it.  It has increased stress and sorrow in my life and taken focus off of my job as wife and mother.  I have grabbed Facebook before grabbing my Bible over and over and over again.  So, for Lent, no Facebook.  I look forward to how much time I find for myself!

2. I put my chocolate stash away.  Yes, it is cliche to say, "I give up chocolate for Lent," but it is more than that.  I am not giving up chocolate per se.  If my mother serves her delicious chocolate pudding pie, or my child offers half of his chocolate cookie to me, I will eat.  This is about my personal, private, share with no one, needless calories stash.  I have a very hard time actually fasting because of health issues, so I am giving up extra, needless nibbles and indulgences.

3. I am choosing to dress up more.  I don't know why.  I suppose I want to feel more intentional with my life, rather than just living in "survival mode" and whatever is easiest.  

4. I will be using up what I have in the house.  So, no extra purchases unless needful or beneficial.

5.  Be more intentionally social.  I am a hermit.  I am severely introverted, shy, and I have social anxiety disorder, but I do get lonely and know it is good to be hospitable and social (especially away from social media.)

6.  Of course, more time with the Lord.  I will put on worship music.  I will read the Word more.  I will focus on God more.

7.  Read more.  This goes hand-in-hand with social media.  I would spend so much time on Facebook that I stopped reading books!  I have a kindle account full of books.  I will be reading them.

     That will be my Lent, dear friend.


Mrs. D. Scott

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