Monday, March 27, 2017

And so, Gilbert and Sullivan This Morning

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,

     How do you find the modern world, dear friend?  I have always been called an old soul.  The past has always been a fantasy of mine.  

     I am finding the modern world more and more vulgar, loud, dark, overwhelming, and over stimulating.  I can no longer watch most modern movies or television shows not only for moral reasons, but because the action, lighting, camera work, and sound effects drive me away.

     Today's fashions leave me yawning and bored, or shocked and dismayed.  Today's music yields little inspiration or joy.  Beauty and loveliness have been replaced with vulgarity and sex appeal.  Etiquette and decorum has been replaced with anything goes.

     I'm sorry.  It is tiresome to be an audience to anyone who complains about times present.  I know every generation has done so, yearning for the rose-colored past.  I am not idly complaining, though.  I do realize that I have a choice.  I have control in my own life.

     And so, I played Gilbert and Sullivan this morning.  And while I am still in jeggings (oh, I am getting so bored with jeggings, but they are comfy and easy) I wear a silk blouse.  And I write to you.  Lovely!


Mrs. D. Scott

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