Monday, March 6, 2017

Miss Cuthbert

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,

     Just a short note today.  Growing up I always wanted to be Anne Shirley, but now I realize I am so much more a Marilla.  And while there is no romance and thrill in that (as many of us women want to be the exciting heroine) there is a sense of peace and satisfaction.  I am content to be a Marilla....with a bit of Anne's influence.

     Perhaps that is why, deep in the recesses of my bosom (hat tip to Anne there), despite being smothered by my feeling that I ought to aspire to be an Anne, I always had a warm spot for Marilla.  I inwardly nodded at her practical wisdom and cringed at Anne's drama (why couldn't she just behave!  But, then she wouldn't be Anne....see I am a Marilla.)

     Although, I can completely see my daughter being very much an Anne type, which only reinforces my Marilla role all that much more.

     Yes, quite content.


Mrs. D. Scott

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  1. I think we start out as Annes and then end up being Marillas as we get older, lol. At least that is what I am feeling.