Friday, March 10, 2017

Miserable March

Dear Mrs. Rothwood,

     Wintertime tends to linger long past its welcome here.  March is notoriously a cruel month.  I have already had crocuses during a spring-spell, only to have them destroyed by winds and arctic temperatures.  I just looked at the extended forecast and this March continues to be consistently miserable.

     Gray.  Cold.  Windy.  COLD!  

     I try not to make it a habit to complain about the weather, especially since it is normal conversation here.  It gets rather tiring hearing people say, "It was the worst winter ever," every single year.  We've actually had a mild and pleasant winter with few snowfalls, and even fewer storms.  But! March is tiresome.  We are all itching for spring.

     There is only one thing to be done about it, and that is to endure March with some effort in being positive.  My positive effort is wanting to spring clean the house.  I hope to do so.  This recent illness has knocked me down quite a bit.  I spent yesterday in bed.  So much needs dusting and wiping and washing after a long winter.  Now is the time to do it before the warmer weather and sunshine beckons me to abandon the indoors and begin my work out of doors.

    And if my health fails to uphold me on a ladder, wiping dust off high shelves and corners, then there are always books.  March can be endured with books.

    How do you endure March, dear friend?  Are you reading anything exciting right now?


Mrs. D. Scott

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